"No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!" - Kakyoin

1% chance of obtaining it through arrows.

E - RERO Barrage

HG does a mediocre speed punch barrage while shouting RERO RERO RERO.

R - Punch

Hierophant Green throws a punch with its right hand dealing moderate damage to your foes.

T - Emerald Splash

Hierophant Green's best-known ability. Firing off a large amount of energy which takes the form of 8 emeralds. Before the blast is fired, a green slime-like material is produced by Hierophant Green's palms making a chemical reaction sound effect. This move has a low cooldown.

F - 20 Meter Emerald Splash

Hierophant Green shoots out a massive amount of emeralds to where the cursor is. This move deals a lot of damage and if hit every single shot, you can one-shot almost everyone. While using this move, the user will shout "Hankei niju mētoru Emeraldo Spurashu!"

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