"..." - Herobrine


Herobrine looks practically identical to Steve Platinum. The only difference is that Herobrine's eyes are fully white.

Move Set:

Name Description Cooldown Damage
E - Spook Barrage Herobrine does a flurry of

punches dealing great damage.

Minecraft cave noises can be heard

while barraging.

'5-6' Seconds '~5 Damage' Per Punch
R - Strong Punch Strong Punch: Herobrine pulls

back his arm and swings it forward,

dealing moderate damage.

'7-8' Seconds Moderate Damage.
Y - Obsidian Wall Herobrine punches the floor in front of

him and builds a wall that can block other players, the same as Crazy Diamond's wall building move.

'6-7' Seconds Defensive Move.
F - Time Stop Herobrine and its user does an animation for about 1.5 second, then stops time. Can be used every 1 min. This Timestop Lasts ~10 Seconds.
T - Minecraft Overwrite Much like the R move, except

it's slower but incredibly powerful.

'20' Seconds Around Half the opponents Health.
H - Ground Smash Much like R/SPOH, Herobrine slowly charges up his fist and punches the floor, making everyone in the surrounding area shoot up in a beam of light. '25' Seconds Good Damage.
V - Star Ball Shoots a powerful sphere of light with a big hitbox that does almost half health of the opponent. '~50' Seconds High Damage.

Note: The Stand's attacks have Cosmic Melee (shared with Cosmic Luigi) which bypasses even Love Train unlike regular Over Heaven melee.

This stand is now obtainable through

Steve Platinum + Hell Arrow

Note: At the moment, it is a B-tier Stand.
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