Hallow's world is a stand obtained with a 1% chance on halloween, can be also obtained by trading for something worth in the B+ tier

the stats are: S- destructive power, S+ speed and A durability


T - throws a random generated wall of pumpkins that deal great damage.

E - Throws a valley of punches that deals great damage to the victim. deals 6 dmg per punch and and lasts for a minute

R - Heavy punches that does 45 damage.

T - throws 3 pumpkins that deal GODLY damage, is spammable in time stop

Y - User teleports behind the victim dealing 80 damage (on cursor) and has knockback.

F - Time Stop (TS) about 6 seconds of stopped time.

G - Pose Hallow's World (and you) will start posing emitting menacing particles, plays Spooky Scary Skeletons

V - you teleport to where you want to go, has far range

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