"You will never reach the truth." - GER

The stand you get when you wanted Golden Wind but failed.

Description :

Gold Experience Requiem is an evolution of Gold Experience, which was pierced by Requiem Arrow. They look nothing like their original form, and has a more dull yellow color, while having some new designs like the requiem arrow symbol on the forehead, it also now has a crown-like shape on it's head.

How to get : You need to use a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience to get a 90% chance

of getting Gold Experience Requiem.

Most of people would want the other 10% of the Requiem Arrow's chances to get Golden Experience; Golden Wind.

Name Description
[E + Hold]- Requiem Barrage Gold Experience Requiem starts throwing bunch of punches while screaming MUDA! The stand's barrage deals 6 damage
[R] - Requiem Punch Gold Experience Requiem charges it's punch and then throws it. The damage is medium and it is really powerful.
[T] - Rock Throw [WIP] Gold Experience Requiem throws a rock, and if it hits anyone, the rock gets life distribution and damages you in a poison-like way. (Hitbox is broken....monkey boisssss)
[Y] - Life Distribution Requiem Gold Experience Requiem extends it's arm to give life to whoever is in front of it, healing them 45 HP.
[V+Y] - Self-Life Distribution Requiem Gold Experience Requiem turns around to the user and extends it's arm to give life to the user, healing them 45 HP.
[F] - Revert to Zero Gold Experience Requiem goes into a pose and whoever attacks them gets the damage reverted back at them. Whoever stops time/erases time will get cancelled too.
[G] - Pose Gold Experience Requiem Poses.
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