"It's all over now." - Giorno Giovanna (Joruno Jobāna, ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ )


His design is the same as the anime. A golden helmet with a black pattern, slightly yellow wings on his shoulders, purple ladybugs all over his body and shoulder pads. This stand is most likely the True Golden Experience

How to obtain:

Use a Requiem Arrow with a 10% chance on Gold Experience.


E + Hold - MUDA! Barrage

Golden Wind throws a giant pack of punches, with fast speed.

R - MUDA! Punch

Golden Wind does a heavy punch which deals pretty good damage.

Y - Life Distribution

Gold Experience: Golden Wind gives life to whoever is in front of him, healing them for 37.5 HP.

V + Y - Self-Life distribution

Golden Wind gives life to the player, healing the player for 37.5 HP.

F - Return to Zero

Golden Wind goes into a pose and whoever attacks them gets the damage reverted back at them. Whoever stops time/erases time will get cancelled too. (TS cancel currently bugged)

J - 7 Page MUDA!

Golden Wind puts up their opponent in the air and starts beating them up majorly, most likely one shotting them with no escape. This move is usable with any percentage of HP. Doing this will also play the theme "il vento d'oro"

G - Pose

Golden Wind's pose plays an extremely loud version of il vento d'oro

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