Basic Information:

Golden Experience (aka GE) is a stand that can be obtained by using a stand arrow with a 2% of chance.

"I, Giorno Giovanna have a dream..."


E - MUDA Barrage

GE does a quick barrage of punches, dealing decent damage.

R - MUDA Strike

GE does a fast, strong punch.

T - Life Creation: Piranha

GE uses its ability to create piranha in its user's hands. If T is pressed again, the user will then throw the piranha and it will auto track the nearest person and bite them, dealing decent damage.

Y - Life Restoration

GE heals whoever is in front of it, restoring 37.5 health.

V+Y - Self Life Restoration

GE heals the user, restoring 37.5 health.

F - Life Creation: Frog

GE creates a frog using its ability and plants it on the user's chest. All non GER and OH damage is reflected back to the attacker for a short duration.

H - Golden Combo

GE kicks the opponent in the shin before uppercutting them, dealing a great amount of damage. Good for escaping or ending combos.

J - 7 Page Muda

GE does a quick heavy punch. If it lands, the opponent will then be pulled closer to the user before being 7 Page Muda'd. GE will then throw another heavy punch, dealing an amazing amount of damage in total.

NOTE: J has no cooldown and can be used immediately once you spawn in. Can be used twice with a long cooldown between before needing to reset to use again.

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