E - Gamma rain/barrage. that does 8.5 damage per punch that lasts about 3 minutes (Fast cooldown so kinda spamable)

R - Gamma strike/ Heavy punch a strike of gamma to the face that does 50 damage (Not spamable)

T - Gamma Speed/Time stop movment/Speedboost. buffs some HP and makes you fast like sonic for 4 seconds ( mid cooldown so somewhat spamable)

Y - Gamma throw. you'd throw a gamma ball when it would hit it would do 10 damage that has poison affect that does 10 damage for the whole 5 seconds it on. (Not spamable)

F - Time Stop. It lasts for 20 second and it would buff your damage and speed(The user not the person who bein TS'd on) Also it gives you a J what is a heavy punch that has a 40 second cooldown that takes half HP. (Not spamable)

H - Heal. that does 50 heal points(Big punch like TWOH/RTWOH) (Not spamable)

C - Like TWUH Its spammable like it and does the same length as TWUH.

Get it from Gamma splat on the ground that has 1/20 chance of dropping every 30 minutes)

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