"Omae wa mou, shindeiru." - Kenshiro (Kenshirō, ケンシロウ)

Basic Information:

Fist of The Pot Star

Fist of the Pot Star is an admin-only spec that appears to be black and has dark red brass knuckles. It is based on the widely popular shounen manga and anime series, Fist of the North Star(Hokuto no Ken).

Passive Abilities:

Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The player has an indescribably large health pool and is able to dish out an unrivalled amount of damage.
Passive B
Heir of Time
The user can freely move when time is stopped.
Passive C
Dimensional Vision
The user can see time erase users during their time erase.
Passive D
The user has a heavily boosted walk speed.
Passive E
The user can regenerate health.
Passive F
The user is immune to most knockback.


E + Hold - ATATATATA Barrage

The user barrages and deals a massive amount of damage. As of now, there is a slight delay between when the opponent receives any damage.

R - ATA! Punch

The user Punches in front of them and deals a fair amount of damage.

F - Spin Teleport Attack

The user Spins for a little and then teleports to the person that is on their cursor. Deals 75 damage and has no cooldown.

C - Teleport

The user teleports forward to where their avatar was facing with little to no cooldown. Similar to that of King Crimson, but longer and with a shorter cool down.

J - Full Heal

The user heals itself back to max health.

??? - Timestop Exit

The user leaves the game with a unique time-stop. Then the user screams "Za Warudo!" and the server's color palette swaps for about 4 seconds, while ticking can be heard. After that, it fades back to normal and a fading sound effect plays.

T - Headbutt

The user grabs the target similar to a bloodsuck, and slams their head into them, doing 100-150 damage and another stat.

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