Women Deserve Rights!

-a feminist


Feminist Platinum


Power: S+

Speed: S+

Durability: Z+

Feminist platinum is a picture of a woman with a karen haircut.

She uses her barrage to deflect any source of intelligent answer.

E - Feminist Barrage

Feminist Platinum start punching his enemy to death deals 25 damage per hit very op.

R - Feminist Strong Punch

Feminist Platinum does a strong punch dealing 50 damage, while screaming WOMAN RIGHTS!

T - Feminist Gun Barrage

Feminist Platinum grabs a gun and start shooting bullets infected with feminism.

each bullet does 10DMG.

Y - I blame the mans for doing this to us!

Feminist Platinum grabs the person infront then start a ora beatdown, lasts 20 seconds and can kill a entire bootleg platinum block.

F - The Timestop is ours!

Feminist Platinum stops time up to 1 minute, dealing enough to kill 5 onis.

Z - Feminism Infused Stand Jump

Feminist Platinum rises up to 300 studs into the sky.

C - Feminist Rolling

Roll, spammable.

H - Feminist Super Slam

Feminist Platinum rises up its fist then slams the ground its 10x bigger than normal overheaven slam.

V - Feminist Opinion Deflector

Same as pot platinum RTZ, Whenver its in rtz state anyone who ever time erase, time stop or hit it the enemy will recieve 1000000000 damage in return.

This stand is obtainable by Oni + Feminism Ball

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