Ender Pearl.JPG

An item from the popular game "Minecraft", in which it teleports players by throwing the item. Sadly it does not teleport players but are instead used to evolve 2 Stands into their shiny forms.

How To Get:

Ender Pearls spawn every 30 minutes with a 1/5 (20%) chance.


King Crimson > Ender Crimson

When used on King Crimson, will evolve it into Ender Crimson, a KC shiny with Enderman noises.

King Crimson: AU > Ender Crimson: AU

When used on King Crimson: Alternate Universe, will evolve it into Ender Crimson: AU, a KCAU shiny with Enderman noises. Much preferred as KCAU is far better in combat than normal KC.

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