"Look for the eye."

Ender Crimson AU is a new stand that was added in the 1.9.4 update.

It is basically Ender Crimson, but to get it, you need King Crimson AU and an Ender Pearl.


E - Heavy Thrust

EC AU throws a heavy punch near the torso, doing good damage and knockback.

R - Chopping Combo

EC AU throws 3 shoulder chops, dealing massive damage IF all 3 hit.

T - Epitaph

EC AU predicts where enemies will hit, so it and the user dodge these attacks for a few seconds.

Y - Heart Thrust

EC AU grabs the enemy and hits a deadly thrust to their heart, and then sending them away.

And also healing for the damage you did to the opponent.

F - Alternate Time Erasure

EC AU erases time, and here, you are allowed to attack with every move except for Y.

V - You teleport a small amount of range

C - You slide instead of the normal roll, it will let you dodge knives and other projectiles by going under if timed right.

Z - A bit weaker stand jump but its cooldown is lower than normal stand jump

Tips and tricks

When you use the y ability behind the opponent it hits him twice instead of once and also heals you to maximum health.

Note: (I tested this trick only on DIO so I don't know if it actually works on players)

Don't forget that over heaven stands and requiem stands can bypass your epitaph (t ability) and requiem stands can see and damage you in your time erase.

Don't use the r ability in time erase it only does one hit instead of three. It's kinda glitched right now.

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