"People have been reporting an ominous stand user lately. They were claiming he wears pitch black and has red eyes. He has revealed his stand once while fighting. One of the opponents of this stand was later on found dead in one of the homes of A Bizarre Town with his face missing and tentacle marks all over their neck."

Eldritch Horror.png

Basic Informations:

This stand can be a fear of all players.


Passive A

The Beyond One (Can move during time stop)

Passive B

Unearthly Material (high durability)


E - The Arms Of Nyarlathote

Eldritch Horror does a barrage which deals HUGE damage. This is very powerful.

(Note: RTZ won't work)

R - The Lurker At The Threshold

Eldritch Horror does an over-heaven type of punch and deals a very great amount of damage.

T - I Have Seen It All... (Epitaph)

The user's eyes turn red and starts to glow, cannot be attacked by anyone.

(Note: Unless they're GER or an OVERHEAVEN user)

F - Azathoth

Eldritch Horror goes into it's own reality, where nothing can hurt it or see it. However it can't hit anyone not see anyone.

H - Cry Of The Void

Eldritch Horror gets hungry, so it eats it's opponent whole, killing them.

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