Basic Information

Edgy Star Platinum (ESP for short) is a dark and brooding remake of Star Platinum Prime, it is glowing red and black in color and has no face. To obtain it, you simply must use a Hell Arrow on Star Platinum , the Hell Arrow spawns every 30 minutes with a 1/10 chance, this stand is pretty powerful and shouldn't be underestimated if the player with it has an idea of what they are doing and is good with it.


Edgy Star Platinum is not very good for trading, it's trading tier is C+. Which means that it's decent for trading, other C+'s include Luigi World and Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven.

Moves and Attacks:

E - Edgy Barrage

Performs a series of quick hits, doing good damage. This move plays the original theme of "Lavender Town". This step has no end...

R - Edgy Strong Punch

ESP performs a quick, powerful punch that deals high damage. This move is great when combined Star Finger.

T - Dark Star Finger

ESP throws out it's hand and stretches 2 of it's fingers in a spear like attack motion, this deals moderate damage and makes the opponent trip over. While it's damage is significantly bigger, the animation is slightly more prolonged, making it more of a brute move then a movement move.

V - Menacing Teleport

ESP uses his edginess to teleport over to wherever the cursor was pointing before the move was used, this move has a radius of about 35 studs, and a cooldown of about 5 seconds.

F - Time Stop

ESP stops time for the almost time as Shadow The World, which is 2 seconds. While this isn't very long, it still gives ESP the advantage of having a time stop in the first place.

G - Dark Pose

ESP and the user pose. This plays Sonic.exe music. Not much to say about it.

H - Time Stop Movement

This move allows the user to move in time stop for 4 seconds. Similar to how Jotaro could move slightly through time stop during his encounter with DIO.

Z - Stand Leap

ESP launches the user forward, covering a good amount of ground and distance, this move takes 10 seconds to recharge before you may launch again, this accident is a Stand Leap.

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