STAND - 「EVA C-Moon」 - Whitesnake + Dio's Diary (1/10 chance)

"It appears that my transformation... Has been completed!

Basic Information

EVA C-Moon is a shiny version of C-Moon.It can be obtained while using Dio's Diary on Whitesnake with 1/10 chance.Unlike C-Moon,this stand can't evolve into Made in Heaven or Made on Hallow's Eve. because after you grind for 1 hour and 30 minutes you get this


E - Gravity Warping Barrage 

EVA C-Moon jets forward to its opponent to strike them with many punches in seconds, this move does a lot of damage and is fairly fast.

EVA-C Moon Gravity Warping Barrage.gif

R - Gravity Warping Punch 

EVA C-Moon jumps forward to its enemy, punching them, dealing surperior damage, right before hitting them a 2nd time, this move has a huge knockback, probably more than most other stands' moves.

EVA C-Moon Gravity Warping Punch.gif

F - Gravity Inversion 

EVA C-Moon looks down, charging a punch, then slams the ground, dealing 60 damage and sends any player near you flying.

EVA C-Moon Gravity Inversion.gif

T - Localized Gravity Shift 

EVA C-Moon bursts with power, buffing your speed and lowering your gravity, this is great to escape from enemy stand users in case of emergencies.

EVA C-Moon Localized Gravity Shift.gif

H - Global Gravity Shift 

EVA C-Moon slams the ground causing a pulse, lowering everyone in the server's gravity and making their speed higher. (This also changes the screen's color to green)

EVA C-Moon Global Gravity Shift.gif

C - Gravity Altering Dodge 

C-Moon pushes its user back using a gravity pulse, this replaces your roll.

EVA C-Moon Gravity Altering Dodge.gif

V - Gravity Altering Dash 

EVA C-Moon dashes forward with its user to dodge incoming attacks.

EVA C-Moon Gravity Altering Dash.gif
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