How to obtain:

You can obtain it by using Ornstein's Spear on The World Over Heaven.


E - Ascended Crazy Barrage

EVA-01 gets in front of you and barrage dealing Over Heaven damage, really good damage if players not blocking.

R - Ascended EVA-01 Punch

EVA-01 does a heavy punch that deals A LOT OF DAMAGE.

T - Reality Overwriting Punch

EVA-01 charges a VERY heavy punch and blasts it at his opponent. Deals about 80 damage.

Y - Reality Overwriting Healing Punch

EVA-01 gets in front of you again, but instead of damaging, he's actually healing whoever he's throwing the punches at. Unlike SP:OH, it's an insta-heal BUT it's lower health.

B + Y - Reality Overwriting Self Heal Punch

EVA-01 gets in front of you, and blasts a quick punch at you that heals. Unlike SP:OH, it's an insta-heal BUT it's lower health.

F - Ascended EVA-01 Time Stop

EVA-01 stops time. For 10 seconds. In such a large TS-spam, you can kill pretty much anyone with an E + R + T

H - Ascended EVA-01 Ground Slam

EVA-01 charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast.

V - Reality-Warping Blade

You throw a Heavenly Knife which deals a LOT of damage, and gives you the advantage of having a projectile, unlike SP:OH, this has small range, but as always, you can spam this knife in time-stop.

G - Pose

Evangelion Opening Theme: Unfortunately has been removed due to copyright reasons and Replace music called Duncan Lamont - Lazy sunday -1973.

N - Quote

Same as Dio's quote voice.

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