"Allowing neighboring worlds to exist simultaneously in the same location. That is my Stand ability, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." 


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, often shortened to D4C, is the Stand of Funny Valentine, the antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.

D4C is obtainable from a Stand Arrow with a 2% chance.

(can also be obtained from Valentine's Diary, but the diary is NOT obtainable for players. The diary is only obtainable by admins.)


D4C has a humanoid form with large, upright horns that somewhat resemble the ears of a leporid; a masked mandible, and a light body lined by an almost unbroken seam or trim. It's designed after the image of leather being stitched together, like on a baseball. Under its brow, its eyes appear to emote a cold gaze.

In the manga, D4C's appearance changes drastically, losing a layer of its garb/armor/covering, including its horns. However, D4C keeps its new form even after having its health recovered.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
RMB  Punch D4C punches the enemy once for every click, dealing a low amount of damage. Takes 19 - 20 hits to kill an enemy. Pitiful Damage9 damage and under '1'second


Dojyaan Barrage D4C rushes the enemy sending a barrage of punches, dealing great damage with great speed. The barrage also has extended range. It has the range half of The World: Alternate Universe‘s E move.

Note: Try not to get too close to the enemy, otherwise, hits won't land.

Moderate Strength 2 to 3 damage per punch '5'seconds
"I'll dispose of you!" D4C quickly slaps the enemy forward with its right hand first and left-hand second. If this connects with an opponent, it will do moderate damage and follow up with a punch that will do incredible damage, similar to a 1-2 technique used by modern boxers. Superior Strength 35 to 39 damage '8'seconds
D4C Dimension Hop D4C pulls out a Colonial'American flag and will wave it around, transporting enemies within a 25 stud radius to teleport them to an alternate dimension (also known as the old map or D4C's Dimension), shortly bringing you along with them as well. You'll be granted a speed boost as well as a damage boost until 25 seconds. No DamageN/A 40 seconds(until you return to the new map)
Hold Summon Clones D4C will summon themselves from another dimension after waving an American flag around, which will go around punching people. You can summon up to 3 of them by holding the move. It has the same amount of HP as the normal player, however, they can't use D4C. They despawn after about 30 seconds to a minute. Pitiful Damage 9 damage and under OR Good Damage20 to 29 damage '6'seconds(until your last clone disappears)
"This is... another you." Hover your mouse over an enemy while pressing H (no hold needed) to summon the player from another dimension, which will follow the player, and when it touches the player it will perform a Kamikaze technique. Incredible Damage75 to 99 damage '40'seconds
"Merely spammable" The stand user pulls out a revolver and quickly fires with its right hand. It deals 30 damage. This move has a very short cooldown making it very spammable. You can use this move even while your stand is not out. Good Damage30 damage '2'seconds
"A Hindrance!" D4C roundhouse-kicks the opponent, stunning them and dealing massive damage, while also partially blinding the opponent. This is most similar to The World (Alternate Universe) 's H move, but with higher damage and different knockback. Superior Damage50 to 74 damage '10'seconds
Clone Swap Pressing V while a clone is out will teleport you to that clone. The player, however, will only teleport you to the nearest form. 

Note: This does not change your health to the health your clone had.

No DamageN/A '10'seconds

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