Click/LMB: 2-Punch Combo

If the user clicks once, the user will punch the enemy dealing moderate damage and low knockback, if they use this again in rapid succession, Dio's The World OVA will instantly appear and hit them, throw them back and into the air.

E- Teleportation Barrage

If the user is within close proximity of the target, Dio's The World OVA will teleport behind them and barrage them with insane power, usually killing anything it is hit by. If the user is too far away the barrage will automatically cancel and will become a regular barrage.

R- "You don't even notice that you're dead."

Dio's The World OVA lunges forward and punches the enemy with immense force, dealing great damage with decent knockback.

T- "You've gone pale, when you saw these knives..."

The user pulls out 6 knives, then throws them at the enemy. Dealing about 25 damage per knife.

F- "Let's see if you can deflect all of these knives.."

Dio's The World OVA punches the enemy stunning them, then the user throws 8-10 knives at the opponent, dealing devastating damage.

V+Cursor- "So, you can see my movements in my own stopped time?"

DTWOVA stops time for a split second and teleports where the users cursor is, (Has a limited range)

Stand Off Move set:

E- Upwards Kick

If Dio's The World OVA is not summoned the user does a swift kick, dealing moderate damage and flinging them upward.

R- Immediate Strike

The user punches the opponent with shocking force, knocking them back and stunning them.

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