As of 08/28/2020, there was a poll created by the staff member cata on discord. This poll gave people two potential options for the future of abdm: 1.) 4x + data reset and unobtainables like tcau and cc are back for one day or 2.) no data reset but no event. The first option won by a landslide. Due to this i believe that there will be a data reset however i cannot confirm it.

Message link:

The future of the game:

The owner, Sally and the staff team are agreeing with the first choice, which can only mean that they have a revamp in mind are working on it currently.

In short even if there is a data reset, you will get a brand new game with new stands/specs, even more fun than before. I mean, what good is a rare stand/spec if the game will never open because of it:

Although, no one would blame you for being mad if you did lose a rare stand/spec you took time getting but with an event, you could easily get a better one :]

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