"Creeper, Aww Man..."

Basic Information:

Creeper Queen is obtainable by using a Shiny Arrow on Killer Queen with a 1% chance.

If you use dio's diary while you have creeper queen equipped it will evolve to steve.



E - Normal Barrage

Creeper Queen unleashes a moderately strong barrage, dealing good damage every punch.

R - Creeper Queen’s First Bomb

Creeper Queen turns the opponent into a bomb. Pressing R again will make them detonate, dealing 60 damage.

T - Creeper Queen’s Second Bomb: Sheer Heart Attack

Y- Coin throw

Creeper Queen throws a coin, and if you hit anyone, press R to activate a bomb on them.

F - Creeper Queen’s Third Bomb: Bites the Dust

Creeper Queen turns the opponent into a bomb. After activating this move, everybody around the user of this stand will return to where they were a few seconds ago and take superior damage.

P - Pose

Creeper Queen pose and play Mnecraft "Revenge" song.

Z - Stand Jump

Punch the ground and make you fly for 1 second

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