STAND -「Crazy Diamond」- Common in the Arrow.

"This is just gonna be great!"

Basic Information

the only Stand that you will ever get. be obtained while using Arrow with 55% chance 55% that is insasnely common and it isnt even funn


This stand wears diamond armor. It's real body is full pink.


E + Hold - DORA! Barrage.

Crazy Diamond beats up his opponent with DORA! barrage! This stand is very common though, so the damage is bad as well.

Crazy Diamond DORA! Barrage..gif

R - Heavy DORA! Punch.

You do a regular heavy punch. There isn't really much to say about this.

Crazy Diamond Heavy DORA! Punch..gif

T - Ball Throw.

Crazy Diamond throws a ball which deals mediocre damage, on healing mode the user can control where the ball goes.

Crazy Diamond Ball Throw.gif

Y - Heavy Pull Punch (Wall if in healing mode)

Crazy Diamond makes strong punch that pulls enemy.

Crazy Diamond Another DORA! Punch..gif

F - Switch to Healing mode, where all attacks heal instead of damage.

Crazy Diamond starts shining and now, instead of damaging with E and R, he heals anyone who Crazy Diamond hit.

T - Seeking ball throw

You can change its direction by facing whatever you look at.

Y - Build wall

Crazy Diamond Healing Mode.gif
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