Cosmic Luigi's World is obtained by using Pot Platinum's Diary on Luigi World.


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Cosmic Luigi's World

Moves Description Length Cooldown Damage
E - Cosmic Barrage Cosmic Luigi unleashes a barrage while playing Luigi's Mansion Theme music. 8-9 Seconds 5 Seconds Godly Damage 10 Damage per punch
R -Universe Breaking Punch Cosmic Luigi performs a very powerful punch, blinding your opponent for 2 seconds. N/A About 8 seconds About 45-50 damage
T - Boo Summon You summon a boo that starts attacking the person closest to you. It's a faster SHA, deals more damage, but less HP. (35HP) (Unkown) About 8 seconds 7-10 seconds
F - Negative Zone (Luigi's Final Smash) Cosmic Luigi stops for 2 seconds and creates a void, stunning and inverting the colors of anyone caught inside. You are unable to move while activating the move. 7 Seconds(void) 2 Seconds (animation) About 25


No damage N/A
Y + Cursor - "Look Behind You." Cosmic Luigi stops time for 2 seconds and teleports behind the opponent, then performs a strong punch. You can use a different move instead (it cancels the strong punch). (Unknown) (Unknown) (Unknown)
J - Mario Beatdown Cosmic Luigi grabs the opponent and starts barraging them. You have a very low chance to survive as the barrage is long and deals high damage. This move can only be used once per life, and you may survive by blocking. 10-15 seconds (Unknown) (Unknown)
B + Y - Self Heal Cosmic Luigi looks at its user then heals them with a punch (somehow). (Unknown) (Unknown) Medium Heals 45 Health
V (Hold) - Poltergust 3000 Cosmic Luigi starts sucking in nearby opponents, bringing them closer. This is good for runners. However the move is currently bugged and will freeze the stand. (Unknown) (Unknown) No damage N/A

(note: anyone who has info/this stand can add to this)
Piss Platinum

Cosmic Melee/Over the Universe: Cosmic Luigi's World is able to bypass all counters within the game including Love Train.


Y + R

Y + F

Y + J

Y + E

F + E

Y+R+F (one shots a low dur stand)

T+F+R (Lowers stand user's health)

F+T+Y+R+E (Massive spam)

F+J (Mostly for final attacks or for toxic players)

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