STAND - C-Moon - Whitesnake + Dio's Diary.

a picture of c-moon in its basic stance.

"It appears that my transformation... Has been completed!"

Basic Information

C-Moon is a gravity-based stand that is used by Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of Stone Ocean. It is extremely powerful as it can, as the name suggests, manipulate gravity in Enrico Pucci’s favour.


E - Barrage

C-Moon does a giant series of punches like any stand, but it's pretty powerful and a little bit force-pulling.

R - Gravitational Punch

C-Moon hits his opponents and sends them flying a large range in the direction they were hit in.

H - Localized Time Acceleration

C-Moon manipulates the gravity around its user, allowing them to move faster and jump much higher.

F - Greater Gravity Inversion

C-Moon charges his fist for a few seconds, then slams at the ground, dealing devastating damage, also sending all targets flying upwards.

C - Back Dash

C-Moon and the user jump and dash backward.

V - Dash

C-Moon dash forward with a short distance, great for escaping and running.

(Note: You can combine C move with it, basically just turn around and press C, then turn back, press V)

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