In memorial of chadwick boseman:

Black panther has gone by many names in the past and will forever be one of the greatest marvel characters. This spec was made as a memorial for the actor who played t'challa or the blacker panther in many recent MCU movies. His name was Chadwick Boseman. He passed away on the 28th of august 2020 due to complications with cancer. He was a one of a kind person and deserves respect. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman 1976-2020, you will be remembered.

Status: in development

Though the game is not out yet we can expect this spec to be obtainable upon release. For now, it is said that it will be obtainable through using a piece of Vibranium (new item) spawns every hour with a 1/100 (subject to change). Using this on standless shall grant your the powers of the black panther.


Passive A - Resistance With this passive, you take 40% less damage (passive block basically)

Move-set (likely to change):

E - Scratching Barrage // 4 damage, 0.05 speed, fast animation speed // 4.35 second cooldown

R - Silent Assassination // The user folds their arms before slashing its opponent, dealing 25 damage for each hand used to slash // 8 second cooldown

T - Kinetic Energy Blast // The user glows purple. Anyone who attacks the user will be dealt damage back but multiplied by x1.4 (user is completely immune to all forms of damage during this period) // 12 second cooldown

Y - Foot Slice // The user does a backflip and slices the opponent's throat dealing 30 damage with bleed damage lasting for 5 seconds // 6.75 second cooldown

F - Ram through // The user rams through its opponent, dealing 50 damage and slowing them down for 2.5 seconds // 17.34 second cooldown

H - Slice, Dice, Uppercut // The user punches its opponent with its left hand and then its right hand before performing an uppercut. The left and right hand both deal 15 damage while the uppercut deals 20 damage // 8 second cooldown

Z - Panther Dash // The user is granted 40 walkspeed and 75 jump power for 5 seconds // 20 second cooldown

J - Ground Pound // The user slams their foot against the ground, sending everyone nearby flying up into the air dealing 40 damage // 10 second cooldown

extra info:

2020 has been a horrible year.

If you want to see any of Chadwick Boseman's films he has been a part of i would highly recommend watching 'Black Panther', '21 bridges', 'Get on up' and '42'. They are brilliant movies.

When the game returns, you can expect this spec to be highly sought after.

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