Destructive power ∞ Speed ∞ Durability ∞

"The stand that would end your career." -Binary Platinum


This is just an admin stand that really OP.


It have a ton of HP, really good at defending.


E - Binary barrage

Binary Platinum does a speedy barrage that deals +∞ damage. (Instantly kills opponent)

R - Heavy punch

Binary Platinum throws a heavy punch that deals +∞ damage. (Instantly kills opponent)

T - Banish

Binary Platinum banishes the opponent, forcing them to join the server again.

Y - Binary heal

Binary Platinum heals the user with ∞ HP per punch.

F - Time stop

Binary Platinum stops time for a while, the name basically explains itself.

(Note: Time stop has a long cooldown)

H - Revert to Zero

Binary Platinum deal ∞ damage if countered

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