"Y'here to learn how to defend yerself?"



Warrior is a class that specializes in sword skills.

Refer to the Classes page for future classes that progress from Warrior.

How to Obtain

  1. Get enough experience by using a sword on players or creatures (2 Zombie Scrooms/ 3.4 Shriekers per skill or approximately 8 Zombie Scrooms/ 13.8 shriekers in total when using a bronze sword).
  2. Go to Emeraldstone Tavern at the Sea Of Dust.
  3. Talk to the Warrior Trainer, each skill costs 35 silver (140 silver for all skills).



  • Pommel Strike - Strike the enemy with the handle of your sword, giving them the concussion injury (blurs the target's vision). This move is extremely quick but can be blocked. Goes through mana shield (but not Monastery Shields). Does not damage targets blocking with their arms. Fifteen second cooldown.
  • Action Surge - A green aura shortly surrounds you. While this aura is around you, you are able to do your sword M1 combo very quickly. Action Surge guarantees you can land your full M1 combo if you land the first hit.


  • Mercenary Carry - Allows you to run and dash while carrying someone. (Ashiins spawn with this. Highly recommended for almost every class).
  • Plate Training - Allows you to wear heavy armor without suffering a speed decrease. For example, you will not be slowed down when wearing a heavy armor like Knight Lord's Armor.

Please refer to the Lord's Training page to see the additional skills a Warrior can have.


  • Beginners Beloved: Arguably the best base class for beginners, as it is the cheapest base class to obtain/max and extremely easy to farm sword experience and really easy to get used to.
  • Jack of All Trades: Swords are very versatile weapons, as they possess moderate range, speed, and damage. This means that it may be easier to adapt to a situation that involves fighting against varying weapons.
  • Great Actives: Action surge allows you to easily and quickly do great damage to a target. Also very useful when doing combos. Pommel Strike is a great move to hit an enemy with after they get up from being ragdolled, as it is very fast and hard to block. Its property of breaking mana shields is also useful.
  • Mercenary Carry: A very useful skill to have when working in groups or needing to transport an entity. It allows you to carry players away from danger, or help carry enemies like Shriekers to the Monster Officer. A passive that is useful for every class.
  • Plate Training: Allows for you to wear strong armor such as Knight Lord's Armour without a speed penalty. Attaining this passive with other classes can allow for to have a high amount of health without a penalty.
  • Extra Training: The additional skills acquired with Lord's Training are extremely useful. The extra amount of hits your M1 combo gains with Lord's Training means your M1 combo does more damage.


  • Master of None: Outclassed by specialists; Thieves and Fist users have faster attacks, while Pit Fighters and Scholars have more range than you.


  • Wielding a bronze sword is more efficient for gaining XP.
  • Action Surge doesn't automatically switch to your sword when used, so you'll have to switch to your sword after activating it.
  • It’s really easy to extend a combo with your fists in an M1 combo.
  • Plate Training negates the effect of a prosthetic arm.
  • Pressing N with a sword over a knocked player will give them the Cut injury, making them take more damage from all attacks.
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