Basic Information:

Admin stands are extremely powerful and exclusive stands that only admins can wield.

For your convenience, every single admin stand is listed below.

Sally Platinum

"Its No Use!"

Skills:lE - Weak Barrage (Use For Memes/ Chip damage) Sally Platinum throws the most slow amount of punches possible in a second, while doing 0.2 damage per hit, Taking a while kill anything in it's path.

Sally Platinum does an extremely fast heavy punch which deals ∞ damage.
Sally Platinum charges a super heavy punch very quickly and banishes whoever got hit by it. The player has no way to come back unless he/she rejoins, like the [punish] command.
Sally Platinum instantly heals himself for ∞.
F - The Strongest Time-stop
Sally Platinum does a time-stop which never ends, and has no cooldown. If a GER tries to RTZ, Sally Platinum can just stop time again.
H - "You will never reach MY truth."
Sally Platinum poses in a RTZ way, and if anyone tries to attack the user, stop time or erase time, They will be dealt  99999999999 damage, insta-killing the opponent.
J - Time-stop donut
Sally Platinum teleports behind the enemy and kills them, along with their ears. This is a literal jumpscare.
V - Giant OP Iggy
Sally Platinum throws a GIANT Iggy which deals INFINITE damage.
B - Sent to space
Sally Platinum kicks it's enemy and sends them flying to space.
Passive A - The universe's creator
Can bypass anything

Binary Pot Platinum (ACT 2)


E- Barrage, deals +∞ damage.
 R- Heavy punch, deals +∞ damage.
 T- Banish, banishes the opponent, similar to the [punish] command.
 Y- ∞ heal
 F- Time stop, long cooldown (lasts awhile)
 H- RTZ, ∞ damage if countered
Passive A                                 Has A TON of health.

Oreo World

"Have you ate a oreo before? Yeah, it tastes AMAZING!!"


E - Barrage, lasts about 9 seconds (no cooldown)
R - A heavy punch that deals So much (no cooldown)
Y - Donut, has no cooldown, does inf damage
F - Time stop, lasts for a long time!
H - Freeze move, does normal damage. Has no cooldown.
C - Spammable teleport.
B - Blood suck, does normal damage, no cooldown

Eldritch Horror

"Ah... You think you know power?..." -N'Zoth


E - The Arms Of Nyarlathote
 Eldritch Horror does a barrage which deals HUGE damage. This is very powerful (RTZ won't work)
R - The Lurker At The Threshold
 Eldritch Horror does an over-heaven type of punch and deals a very great amount of damage.
T - I Have Seen It All...
 (Acts like epitaph) The user's eyes turn red and starts to glow; cannot be attacked by anyone (unless they're GER or an OVERHEAVEN user).
Y - Devourer
 Eldritch Horror grabs it's opponent and bites him/her.
F - Azathoth
 Eldritch Horror goes into it's own reality, where nothing can hurt it or see it. However it can't hit anyone nor see anyone.
H - Cry Of The Void
 Eldritch Horror gets hungry, so it eats it's opponent whole, killing them.
Passive A
 The Beyond One (can move during time stop)
Passive B
 Unearthly Material (high durability)

Smooth Criminal

"So, Annie, are you ok?"


E - Does a 50 second Barrage Dealing 25 damage per hit. Deals 2.5 on a SHA
R - Does a Powerful attack to the head. (Instant-kill).
T - A spammable revolver. Does 50 damage.
Y - A powerful Kick, sending the opponent upward. Deals 65 damage
G - Doesn't pose. But plays 2 different songs. Cover Smooth Criminal. Or original Smooth Criminal

True Pot Platinum

“很多人說有一個擁有如此強大的架子的用戶,它可以完全抹去整個宇宙。當然,這只是一個神話……或者是嗎?” (Translation: Many people say that with a user with such a powerful shelf, it can completely erase the entire universe. Of course, this is just a myth...or is it?)


E - Strong Barrage
R - Extremely OP Heavy punch
T - Banish
Y - Heal yourself
F - Time stop (Infinite) 
H - Revert To Zero
Passive A - Time stop movement
Passive B - No cooldown

The Devil

"Ho, you're approaching me? Even though I am asserting full dominance?” - The Devil (悪魔)


RE - Hellish Barrage (30 Damage - Kick Barrage // 35 Damage - Punch Barrage)
R - Hellish Punch (100 Damage)
T - Underhell knife (12.5 Damage?)
F - Time stop (10 Second timestop???)
H - Overwrite (2000 Damage)
V - Return to zero (100000 Damage dealt to the user who timestopped)
C - Teleport (No cooldown)


I am inevitable...”


E - Throws 2 Giant spheres dealing normal damage
R - Small damage heavy punch.
Z - Teleports upwards
X - Teleports infront.
V - Snaps and kills half of the server.

Wraith Knight

"Korega wraisu knighto da!"


Q - Sword Active
 Pull out your Sword.
LMB (Sword Active) - Sword Slash
 Slash your sword. low cooldown, ragdolls the enemy, perfect for combos.
R - Kick
 Kick the enemy. you don't need to have your sword out. does good damage, and perfect for ending your combo. not only ragdolls, but also flings the enemy as if being hit by an Oni user.


"Xue hua piao piao beifung shiao shiao"


Click - punch
R - Heaviest punch known to man

"Fist Of The Pot Star"


E - Ratatata Barrage (Kenshiro barrage reference.)
R - SHINEI Heavy Punch
C - Spammable dash, Much alike TWUH





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