Basic Information:

1M Pot Platinum is an stand which was originally obtained by collecting four Party Hats. This is now its arrow stand with 1% of getting it Same as Hallows world (can get from arrow now check comments for a picture of it)

This stand is similar to it’s counterpart, Bootleg Pot Platinum. However, 1M Pot Platinum has a glowing, color-changing body and “1M” on it’s chest. And is more attractive.

There are two versions of 1M Pot Platinum. Both versions have the same moves and damage, the only different thing is that the 1M Pot Platinum [unobtainable] was obtainable by party hats and the new 1M Pot Platinum which is just 1M Pot Platinum is obtainable with normal arrows with a 1% chance.


(PASSIVE A) - “The party doesn’t stop here!”

This stand allows you to move in time stop freely, but all damage inflicted will come after the time stop ends, like any other time stop.

(PASSIVE B) - Hyper

This stand grants the player greatly decreased cool downs on their roll and stand jump.

(Passive C) - Relation

This stand is related to Star Platinum, as the Over Heaven version has a heavenly overwrite, which is similar to the weaker banish attack, except way weaker. Way, way weaker. The barrage is a lighter version of the Ora barrage performed by Star Platinum.

E - Party Barrage

1M Platinum throws an INFINITE amount of punches, dealing 5 damage each punch.

R - Party Triple Wombo Combo!

1M Pot Platinum throws 3 punches, each dealing moderate damage.

T - "Let‘s get this party started!”

1M Pot Platinum does a weaker banish, dealing heavy damage and GIGANTIC FLING.

Y - ”This green soda is so good!”

1M Pot Platinum channels the power of delicious green soda into it’s fists and unleashes a healing barrage on the user, healing 0.5 health every punch. This used to be 1 Health. This barrage is infinite, which kinda makes up for the loss of a non self heal.

F - "Gotta get more party stuff. Be right back!”

1M Pot Platinum erases time for 10 seconds. The user is allowed to attack during erased time, but can only use the B and R moves. GERs can still see it though.

G - 1M Pot Platinum and the user pose, while Jotaro’s theme (sped-up) plays. Not that noticeable if you ask me.

H - "I’m enjoying this sparkling water, and this book too!"

The user pulls out a legendary Pot Platinum’s Diary and a glass of sparkling water. Anybody who tries to attack the user in this state will cause the user to teleport behind them and use the T move.

B - Party Kick

1M Pot Platinum does a swift kick, launching the opponent into the air and dealing normal damage.

C - Party Roll

The user does a normal roll, but with a greatly reduced cool down. Good for running.

Z - Party Jump

1M Pot Platinum propels the user forward a small distance. This move has a very short cool down. The cool down lasts 3 seconds, so go nuts.

And also used to have no cool down. Big nerf.

N - (This stand is completely speechless.)

J - 3 Page Ora (Deleted)

1 Million Platinum starts being a beatdown of most like 10-15 seconds. barrages the enemies and finishes with a strong punch. This move was deleted and actually everyone don't know the reason.


E + F + E + R + B

R + B + E

E + B + T

F + B + R

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